i am going off to a prestige university on the east coast this fall (brown)
and i am a virgin waiting for marriage. My best friend ever is also coming with me (known him since 7th, kinda have a sorta kinda crush on him)
but anyways, i was wondering, is there a lot of guys pressuring girls to have sex etc? i mean i want to find a relationship that can last! in college is that possible?
thanks to the first answerer
i know schooling will be my biggest concern
thanks 🙂
i dont drink either
i think that my friend will hopefully stop me from doing something i may regret, but i should be able to control myself also


  1. docbritt says

    if youre going to brown, thats the least of your problems. you will be so immersed in work, you wont have time for relationships; brown makes sure their students are being challenged. if you worry about relationships, you will find everything else slipping.

  2. Laurel E says

    Well there is a lot of pressure, but most of it comes from putting yourself in situations that you have no business being in. Parties, drinking, and late night hang outs can be compromising situations if you are with people you don’t trust. You just have to stay aware and strong in whatever you believe. It’s not hard to stay a virgin if that is what you truly desire, but there are plenty of opportunities for that to be lost if you allow. There are dumb ass guys everywhere, jerks are the norm at any school, but hey have fun and enjoy yourself, but stay aware and strong. Good luck with school!

  3. RoaringMice says

    Guys are guys, and unless they are also waiting until marriage, they are going to try certain things. You don’t have to say yes. And if you’re open and honest in the relationship, telling him *why* you’re saying no, then he can choose to stay with you if he has hopes for more than just sex with you, or he can leave, if he doesn’t want the same things that you want.

    And there will be guys waiting, or who are willing to wait on sex with you in particular.

    If you’re doing this for religious reasons, you can meet people with similar values via religious-based clubs at Brown.

    It’s certainly possible to make relationships that last in college. In fact, I met my husband there, 1000 years ago, and we’re still together. A *lot* of people get into long-term relationships in college.

  4. just.wondering1 says

    YES THERE IS ALOT OF PRESSURE TO DO ANYTHING IN COLLEGE!!! especially from the upperclassmen- you know… the whole “fresh meat” thing…


    it all depends on you in the end… just stay true to your values and what you believe in and you will be fine. if you know youre waiting for marriage, then youre waiting for marriage. thats all there is to it. college is fun but its hard work to… so if you party on thursday night til 3, remember you have that chem lab at 830!! LOL

    have fun and stay true to yourself!