What does college tuition pay for?


  1. Crysanna says

    Tuition generally pays for the ability to take classes at that particular institution.

    It depends on the course but generally you are required to pay an additional administrative/access fee for use of the facilities (computers, gym, etc) and pay for your books/supplies (if applicable) for each course you are participating in.

    Your best bet is to check with the college you are planning on attending. Their course outline should give you an approximate amount of what books, etc will cost you in addition to your tuition fees per semester you attend.

  2. drip says

    Tuition covers the cost of going to classes. You would still need to pay for room and board and books. Then any personal costs.
    Most college tuition prices are for a full time student(12-18 credit hours) going one year to school.

  3. derdaktari says

    it goes to cover the costs of running a university. Salaries (yes, people gt paychecks), heating, electric, internet, library acquisitions…….