Why is MLB taking a backseat to womens college basketball?

ESPN & ESPN2 will be telivising womens college basketball today instead of the WBC game between the USA & Puerto Rico. WTF is going on with that?
Please tell me that my tivo television listings are wrong because i do not have the mlb network to watch the game.


  1. carrieirene85 says

    Good question- I hate basketball (esp womens) but LOVE baseball and am pissed I can mostly only watch preseason baseball on MLBNetwork. Why does the Extra Innings package not kick in until regular season- that’s what I want to know!?

  2. MechanicalMan says

    You’re mistaken. There are no women’s games being played tonight. ESPN is showing only a ~30 minute “NCAA Women’s Basketball Bracket Special” for all of the weirdos and degenerate gamblers who actually care about the women’s tourney. Then ESPN will be showing NIT games and the play-in game for the men’s tourney. FWIW, the WBC game will be shown on ESPN Deportes. But ESPN and ESPN2 will both be showing men’s college basketball.

  3. Mimi: loves brian roberts! says

    well.. women’s basketball compared to other sports are way down in the totem pole so.. i don’t really mind it.. even though i don’t watch it….

    what i don’t get is.. too much college basketball!!!!!! (i’m sorry i really can’t stand it)